Band Personel                                                                 

Jim Hyatt who plays a total of 17 instruments ~~Bass,  piano,  saxophone,  harmonica,                                                Guitar, Trumpet and Harmonica during live preformances. Jim founded this band in  1983 and has watched it grow and develop into what it is today.  1/83 - Present

Drums Pete Luthman joined in 2005 after a sucessful stint with Lorraine and Mountain Gold who were band of the year prior to JHB. Pete not only took over the percussion but replaced Bruce as an intregal part of the "trio". Pete has performed with many rock bands and JHB is the second country group.12/05 - present

Guitar ​Mario Dobbs is the newest member and is coming along fine. You'll never hear a better guitar player and sometimes you'll think you're hearing a steel even when you can't see one.  Mario moved here recently from New Mexico and is becoming an in demand player. We were lucky to have him join the Jim Hyatt Band  3/17 - Present


Guitar Bill Lavato retired and is moving down south to be with family. Bill is an excellent guitarist and filled that "trio" sound with the third part. Jim and Bill met when he hired Jim to be a part of the local favorite band "Trespasser". Bill will be missed, a great friend and part of the JHB family.  8/15 - 3/17


Bruce Nunemaker joined the band in 1985 and brought those brother type harmonies. Bruce has worked with the band off and on after retiring about 8 years ago. Bruce and Jim are best of friends and always will be. Bruce is currently living in Iowa and hoping to return to Denver someday.  1/84 - 12/05


Gary Street joined in 1987 after the band went through several drummers. Gary settled in and stayed until he semi-retired in 2005.Gary has stopped by on occassion but is very satisfied with retirement.  4/87 - 12/05

Beatle Bass

Randy Ketelsen joined in 2003 and stayed with the band until recently. Randy retired from music on New Years Eve 2013 to enjoy his home in Hawaii and run Ketelsen Campers. Randy made the group a quartet. JHB had no desire to ad a 4th person but Randy came along and a friendship was born. Randy provided a strong bottom part to the harmonies causing the "trio" to be born.    8/04- 12/14


Randy Pietro gave Jim a call from out of state in 2005, letting him know that he wanted to move back to Denver. Jim didn't think twice about giving Randy that chance to work with the JHB. Randy added guitar and tenor sax along with those pretty vocals. Randy moved back home to California where he is close to his mother. Randy and Jim met at Sports Inn during the infamous Monday Night Jam Sessions. many friends were made on those monday nights.  6/05 - 7/06


Sarah Chlarson joined up with the band at the age of 13 in 2004. Jim met Sarah and her family at a CCMHOF event called Ladies of Country. Jim saw potential along with her talents and she stayed with the band until she went off to college in 2011.  4/04 - 4/11

Steel Guitar

Chuck Lettes joined in 2006 replacing Randy Pietro. Jim has always loved the steel and the influence it brings to the sound. Chuck is very instrumental in the steel guitar community, playing steel shows across the united states. In 2012 Chuck and Bob Case took over the ever popular Denver Steel Show that was put on by Dick Meis. Chuck left the band to continue playing for The Patsy Decline Show with Lannie Garrett in 2013.   7/06 - 2/13

Steel Guitar

Bob Case joined to take over the steel duties in 2013. Bob brings a variety of sound to the JHB with his Banjo, dobro and Pedal steel. 3/13 - 2/14

Guitar Lynn Phipps was with us in 2014 and most of 2015. The addition of Lynn has moved Jim to bass and let Lynn to  take over the guitar parts. Lynn is an excellent guitarist and is working hard to fullfill that "trio" sound with the third part.   1/14 - 8/15